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Feb 2, 2023
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  1. The landing page looks fantastic (so does the app, I tried it out)
  1. Work on messaging
  1. Improve the CTA



Improve the Headline to speak to the unique benefit of Changes


The screenshot is going off the page too much. We want to see more of the actual changelog screenshot, not the browser

CTA button

The primary CTA button should be "Get started - 14-day free trial". Add small text below that says "No credit card required"

Target Audience

Who is the target audience? Name them. "Changes is perfect for SaaS, example, example". You want visitors to read the list and identify with one of them.


Must have an Explainer Video. (Make a good video using the real product. Do not use cartoons or whiteboard drawing styles)

Logo Farm

What brands use Changes? Any logos are better than no logos.

Testimonials & Ratings

Get testimonial quotes ASAP.


Move the pricing content to the bottom of the Homepage. The site is small enough right now that a dedicated Pricing page is not needed.


Eat your own dog food. Make Changes changelog a central piece of content on the site.


The FAQs need expansion. When there are so few FAQs and the questions and answers are only 1 sentence it makes me think there is way more stuff I need to know that was overlooked.

Letter Spacing

Get rid of the negative letter-spacing on the Headlines. The text is too tight.
There's always so much more to say and due but this is a great start, congrats!


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