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Feb 6, 2023
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Resources 📘
Tailbits. A library of Tailwind components.
Landingfolio. 873 Best Landing Page Design Inspiration & Examples
Panelbear. Frontend monitoring made simple.

📼 Video Review

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📝 General Notes

  1. Logo + Name
  1. Typeface
  1. Design is sparse
  1. Video length
  1. Video vs Demo

📰 Above the Fold

1. Hero Section

1.1 Title

  • “Send AI automated DMs on Reddit.”
  • “Send automated DMs on Reddit using AI”
  • “AI powered DMs on Reddit—Find leads, make connections, close deals”

1.2 Subtitle

  • “A Reddit Marketing tool that automates your process of generating, engaging and connecting with leads.”
  • “Promotee automates the process of generating, engaging, and connecting with leads on Reddit.”
  • Fantastic example by Panelbear:
    • “Panelbear is the easiest way to measure your website's most important metrics, so you can deliver a great end user experience.”

1.3 Visual

  • Better as a 2-column Hero
  • Image
    • boring box with shadow
    • I see a dashboard… what else?
    • Show a dynamic Visual combining the tool and actual Reddit DMs

1.4 Social Proof

  • Must have some sort of social proof
  • Star rating, testimonial quote, etc

1.5 CTA

  • What 1 thing do you want visitors to do?
  • “Signup for free”
  • Button:
    • “Start for free →”
    • Free plan available • No credit card required
    • (see Panelbear screenshot below)
  • 2nd CTA: “Watch video”

👇 Below the Fold

2. Logo Farm

  • There are 2 types of logo farms—Client Logos and Press Logos. Pick one or the other, not both.
    • Use client logos (if they exist)
    • Use press logos if the product has some published articles

3. Testimonials

  • Show 3 or 4 testimonials from customers
  • Make gathering testimonials a core focus

4. Product Demo

  • Promotee has a fantastic LIVE demo
  • But the demo feature blends in and is not noticeable
  • Make it bigger and stick out from rest of content

5. Features and Objections

  • Good feature sections
  • Large and bulky, may perform better as 2-column sections
  • Better to have less text than filler text
  • Must run spell & grammar check

6. Use Cases

  • Make this more visually appealing
  • List Use-Case types, but do not add descriptive text

7. More social proof

  • When you have many more testimonials from customers add a large section of quotes here (12+)

8. FAQs

  • Need more FAQs
  • A minimum of 8, max of 12
  • When there are only 3 it seems like there was low effort put into thinking about FAQs
  • Check out these FAQs generated for you using ChatGPT
    • FAQs created by ChatGPT
      Write an FAQ section for a tool that automates Reddit DMs using AI
      Q: What is this tool all about? A: Promotee is a Reddit DM automation tool that uses AI technology to send messages to Reddit users.
      Q: How does the tool work? A: The tool uses AI algorithms to send messages to Reddit users based on various factors such as keywords, user interests, and online behavior.
      Q: Is it safe to use this tool? A: Yes, the tool is safe to use as long as you follow Reddit's guidelines and use it responsibly. However, always exercise caution when using any automation tool, as there is always a risk of account suspension or ban.
      Q: Is this tool in compliance with Reddit's terms of service? A: Yes, the tool is designed to follow Reddit's terms of service and guidelines. However, always be sure to review and understand the terms of service before using the tool.
      Q: Can the tool be used for spamming or unethical purposes? A: No, the tool should not be used for spamming or any unethical purposes. Misusing the tool may result in Reddit account suspension or ban.
      Q: How does the AI technology behind the tool work? A: The AI technology behind the tool uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand the behavior and interests of Reddit users, and then send them personalized messages.
      Q: How do I set up and use the tool? A: The tool can be easily set up and used by following the instructions provided. Once set up, you can customize your message settings and choose the users you want to send messages to.

9. Pricing

  • What is the right discount percentage for paying Yearly?

10. 2nd CTA

  • Current:
    • “Ready to get started?
    • “Save days & days of manual work by automating your Reddit Marketing Process”
  • Rewrite to reflect CTA at top of page

11. Founder’s note

  • Have a section about you the founder or team
  • Something to put a human to the product

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