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Feb 10, 2023
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📝 General Notes

  1. Initial take is the web design looks great. Simple, clean, and fits with the type of product
  1. Big Questions:
    1. I’m not certain what Taitopia should be used for.
      1. Is it for creating 3d models?
      2. Is it for materials and lighting etc?
      3. Is it for rending using cloud resources?
    2. Where does the model come from?
      1. Do I bring my own model?
      2. Do I use a sample model from the library?
      3. Does Taitopia create a model of my unique product for me?
    3. Why do I need to use Taitopia?
      1. How does Taitopia make my 3d work better?
      2. How does Taitopia integrate with my current workflow?
      3. What measurable metrics can be shown comparing my current workflow vs using Taitopia? Examples:
        1. 10x render speed
        2. 1.5 billion rays per second vs 500M rays per second on local computer
        3. Etc
  1. Need a “How this works - 3 step example”
    1. Step 1 - Upload your 3d model
    2. Step 2 - Stage your model
    3. Step 3 - Send to cloud render
  1. Community/Social
    1. Post more on Instagram. Even it the post are just renders of product.
    2. Add structure to the Discord.

📰 Above the Fold

1. Hero Section

1.1 Title

  • “Blazing fast, photorealistic product visualization in your browser”
  • “Blazing fast 3d cloud rendering”

    1.2 Subtitle

    • “An easy-to-use online 3D rendering tool for superb product visuals”
    • “Taitopia is an easy-to-use online 3D rendering tool for creating superior product visuals”

    1.3 Visual

    • Image
      • Make bigger, wider

    1.4 Social Proof

    • Must have some sort of social proof when available
    • Star rating, testimonial quote, etc

    1.5 CTA

    • What 1 thing do you want visitors to do?
    • “Get Early Access →”
    • Button:
      • “Get early access →”
      • Free for personal use

    👇 Below the Fold

    2. Logo Farm

    • There are 2 types of logo farms—Client Logos and Press Logos. Pick one or the other, not both.
      • Use client logos (if they exist)
      • Use press logos if the product has some published articles

    3. Testimonials

    • Show 3 or 4 testimonials from customers
    • Make gathering testimonials a core focus

    4. Product Demo

    • Show an explainer video or dynamic example of the product in action
      • Here’s an idea:
        • A short recording of the product interface. A 3d model is in the center. In the recording rotate the object, change materials, then rotate back to original position (so the clip loops perfectly)
    • True Product Demo!
      • When you can, provide a fully operational product demo with a test model. Let the visitor rotate, change materials, etc. Then have visitor click the Render button.

    5. Features and Objections

    • Good feature sections
    • Large and bulky, may perform better as 2-column sections
    • Better to have less text than filler text
    • Must run spell & grammar check

    6. Use Cases

    • What are the use cases for Taitopia and who are the ideal users?
    • List Use-Case types that are relevant and site visitors will identify with.

    7. More social proof

    • When you have many more testimonials from customers add a large section of quotes here (12+)

    8. FAQs

    • Need more FAQs
    • A minimum of 8, max of 12
    • When there are only 3 it seems like there was low effort put into thinking about FAQs

    9. Pricing

    • What is pricing for the product?
    • Always show multiple tiers. Taitopia may only need Personal and Professional tiers.
    • Is pricing static ($99/month) or dynamic based on usage ($0.01 per render)?

    10. 2nd CTA

    • Current:
      • “Unlock your imagination and bring every product design concept to life!”
      • “Easy. Rapid. Realistic. All in your browser.”
      • “Get early access →” Free for personal use
    • Rewrite to reflect CTA at top of page

    11. Founder’s note

    • Have a section about you the founder or team
    • Something to put a human behind the product

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